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Need to put life back into a bedroom?

Check out these before and after photos of a smaller project we just completed in the Lorena area. It’s amazing what quality BEHR paint and proper lighting can do. Our staff has over 30 years of experience in different types of texture and paint methods as well as all aspects of construction and design.
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#lorenaremodeling#hewittremodeling#wacoremodeling#woodwayremodeling #centraltexasremodeling#wacotown


Hewitt, TX Bedroom Renovations Hewitt, TX bedroom Renovations 2 Lorena, TX Painting Lorena, TX Before Painting

Lorena, TX Bedroom renovation
Bedroom renovations Lorena, TX Lorena, TX bedroom renovations 3 Waco, TX Painting Lorena, TX Bedroom Renovation4 Hewitt, TX Painting Hewitt, TX Painting 2



Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

In this renovation we removed load bearing walls, relocated electrical, plumbing and much more. Custom cabinets, tile floors, recessed lighting, one of the newest styles of granite and a beautiful backsplash are just a few of the things that make this kitchen complete. Need help with a design? We love putting your ideas with ours and helping give you the remodel of your dreams! Whether your renovation need is a kitchen, bathroom or a complete renovation, we have all the resources needed to get the job done right.  #hewittremodeling #wacoremodeling #woodwayremodeling#centraltexasremodeling #wacotown #wacorenovationprofessional




Hewoitt, TX Kitchen Remodel Custom Cabinets Hewitt, TX Granite Hewitt, TX Hewitt, TX Kitchen Remodel Backsplash Hewitt, TX Hewitt, TX Kitchen Remodel 1 KItchen Remodel Hewitt, TX 1 Tile work Hewitt, TX Custome Cabinets Waco, TX Granite Waco, TX Granite Tile Custome Cabinets Waco, TX Waco, TX Flooring Waco, TX Tile & Granite Work Waco, TX Kitchen Tile Granite Flooring Hewitt, TX pocket door Custom Cabinets Hewitt, TX 1 Kitchen Remodel Hewitt, TX 2 Cabinets Hewitt, TX Hewitt, TX cabinets Garage Cabinets Waco, TX Custom Cabinets Waco, TX Hewitt, TX Kitchen Remodel 3 Hewitt, TX Hewitt, TX 1 Hewitt, TX 2 Hewitt, TX Flooring

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Various Renovations in Central Texas

It has been very busy the last few weeks at T&M Contracting. These are photos of several projects over the last few weeks. Pictured are kitchen and bathroom remodels, garage conversions, fire restoration, roofing and much more. If you are considering using T&M Contracting for your next project call us today! We have all the resources needed to get the job done right!
From Design to Completion,
We Know Roofing, We Know Remodeling
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Hewitt, TX Bathroom Remodel

Another bathroom Remodel complete. This specific project had a couple of requests. ” I need both bathrooms remodeled in 6 business days, and I have a limited budget.” We are proud to say we met the budget needs as well as finished both bathrooms in only 4-1/2 business days. We understand that sometimes your budget is large and you are able to tackle entire renovations and other times you may need to do sections at a time and we are happy to accommodate that for you. Notice in the pictures below how clean we remain and the quality we provide. Behind all showers we use a waterproof product that contains fiberglass resin creating a better seal behind the tile placement. This is standard in all shower remodels when using T&M Contracting. One of the many reasons customers utilize our services. Call us today!
From Design to a Completion
We Know Roofing, We Know Remodeling




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